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Claim Up To £ 25,000

Coronavirus Compensation Claims


Employers’ liability claims and public liability claims are both types of personal injury claim, however there are differences between them:

  • Employers’ Liability Claims are for employees who are either injured in accidents at work (or, as here, whose health has deteriorated as a consequence of poor working practices)

If you believe you contracted Coronavirus during the course of your regular employment practice, your employer may be liable to pay you compensation. Employers’ liability claims often occur when an employer breaches their ‘duty of care’. All employers owe their staff a duty of care, which means they have a legal obligation to create a safe working environment, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  • Public Liability Claims are for people injured or hurt in a public place (such as clinics or hospitals, premises at which members of the public are expected to be).

If you believe you contracted Coronavirus during a scheduled appointment visit to a clinic (e.g. Doctors or dentist) or non Covid – 19 related hospital appointment, or at any other public venue – including shopping and retail outlets prior to March 23 – then you may be entitled to compensation from that practice, company or supervising local authority. Any place that is going to be used by members of the general public must be maintained to a safe standard. it doesn’t really matter where you are. If you are permitted to be there as a member of the public the business, organization or public body that oversees that area has a duty of care towards you. This means reasonable steps should be taken to safeguard your health.


Lawyers4 was established in 2007 and we have a huge depth of experience in drafting successful civil court liability claims. We believe if we can get enough signature claimants who wish to claim Coronavirus compensation, then we can instruct barristers under Part 3 of the Civil Procedure Rules to consolidate those claims into what is known as a “class action” for the UK courts. We expect individual claims to be worth between £ 10,000 – £ 25,000 per claimant* However, this is a limited opportunity as once our subscription target is met, we shall withdraw this service.


All that is required form any person wishing to register a claim is a one-off fee of £ 99*. This fee will be used to pay the upfront legal costs of barristers and legal specialists who will draft advice and opinion that will form the basis of your claim. The fee is extremely low in comparison to usual barrister rates (which are usually several hundred pounds per hour), but we feel by combining individual claims into similar consolidated claims, we can achieve this. Further, no further fee will be taken from any award won for our clients. Lawyers4u will be compensated via the standard CPR protocols.


Simply fill out the below questionnaire, sign where and how indicated and pay the fee. Once your details and fee have been received you will receive a notification your claim has been logged.

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After you have entered your details and signature an onscreen 5-digit code will be displayed. Simply quote this code when making your credit / debit card payment.


Unfortunately this service is not for claims by surviving relatives of victims of Coronavirus. In such cases you should seek consultation with your local authority for guidance. Nor, should retirees actively sign up for this action (although it is not forbidden) as government measures may be soon announced exempting retirees from Coronavirus compensation legal fees.

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*Compensation awards are for illustrative purposes only but based upon similar individual awards.
*see signature capture statement
This advice service is intended for reference only and should not be used in lieu of full legal counsel.
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