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Lawyers4u will review your case completely free of charge and advise on your best option. Don't waste your time and money on ridiculously expensive options.

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Lawyers4u has been providing affordable legal solutions for our clients since 2007. We provide honest, low costs, legal advice.

How does it work?

After an online consultation we will advise you whether we believe your circumstances warrant an application to Set Aside the CCJ.

What will Lawyers4u do?

Lawyers4u will complete all the following steps as part of your full CCJ set aside service:

1. Draft the N244 Set Aside application
2. Draft supporting witness statement(s)
3. Prepare an indexed file of supporting documents
4. File the application with the court
5. Deal with all court and creditor related correspondence
6. Advise on court protocol and procedure should you have to attend a hearing

How do I know if my CCJ can be removed?

The most common grounds for the court to set aside a CCJ is where an applicant can demonstrate that he or she did not receive the original payment demands and /or notice of the original court hearing.

Other grounds include proving the creditor sent notices of the debt and court hearing to an address they knew – or ought to have known – you were no longer living at.

If you’re a business or were a director of a business but your entry was removed from companies house records the above is especially relevant.In fact the court has the power to set aside any CCJ if it appears to the court that there is some good reason why.

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