COVID - 19 Supporting our Clients

Currently the UK is experiencing the worst viral pandemic in over 100 years. Normal life, by necessity has had to be placed on hold whilst, together, we battle this new threat to our prosperity and well being.

However, we at Lawyers4u are aware many of our clients have current ongoing legal proceedings and we wish to reassure and reconfirm our commitment to them.

Where legal proceedings are currently before the Courts we shall ensure that your interests are fully represented and that there will be no detrimental effect to your case because you are unable to attend scheduled hearings.

Further, new clients can continue to request our help in preparing new claims before the Court, be they as Claimant or Defendant.

Our professional legal teams are ready to help and we are in constant communication with the Courts so we are able to immediately advise our clients of any new developments.

At present the Courts are still allowing the filing of cases but, as to be expected, actual hearings are often conducted over the telephone.

However, in Civil Court Practice this is often the norm regardless. Civil Court hearings are primarily decided on the submitted statements of case and we at Lawyers4U pride ourselves on being amongst the forerunners in this drafting field.

So stay safe and be reassured that as an existing client we got you and if you have need of our services as a new client, we got you too.


Family Law Services Overview

A Wide Range of Detailed Family Legal Advice Options and Professional Drafting Services from £79.

Do you need detailed advice and drafting related to family law?

Our Family Law Services are designed to help those who wish to present to the court an application, submission or defence and who wish to avoid the expense of a costly and often unnecessary solicitor or barrister.

Most County and Family Law Court actions simply involve the drafting of legal and factual presentations for the court to consider, with little oral testimony.

In the majority of cases the Applicant or Respondent is perfectly capable of presenting to the court a submission or application, drafted by Lawyers4U to exact client specification, without legal representation.

Lawyers4U offers an extensive range of drafting services in the area of family law. Browse through our services to the right, or click below to get a free, no obligation quotation.

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Divorce & Dissolution

Our expert team can handle all aspects of divorce and civil partnership dissolution, including the filing of applications and responses.

Divorce and its associated financial wrangling can be extremely traumatic and expensive. Let Lawyers4U ease the burden by drafting to exact specification all the necessary legal documentation for your needs.

Don’t delay further when it’s about family! Get access to divorce law advice online from professionals at! Professional drafting starts as low as £79.

Co Habitation & Civil Partnership

We can help you and your partner to feel secure in your relationship by drafting a mutually beneficial agreement, including Deeds of Trust detailing specific rights of propriety for co owned property and Deeds of Separation which can negate acrimonious wrangling over possessions upon separation.

Feel secured now much easier! Let cohabitation legal advice from guides you to know your specific rights! Contact now!

Draft a detailed deed of trust to make sure you’re fully secured. The civil partnership law advice from can help you save time and money on drafting. Contact today!

Ancillary Relief

Probably the single most important category in Family Law practice apart from Children`s Orders. Ancillary Relief applications can be a minefield for the inexperienced. Make sure you receive what you are entitled to. Contact us Now

Pre Nuptial & Civil Ceremony Agreements

It is a recognised fact that more and more couples are taking the prudent step of agreeing certain issues prior to any formal union.

A fruitful legal advice on prenup agreement is waiting for you! Time to take the bold step! Get in touch with professionals at to navigate you safely!

Issue / Response in the Family Court

Do you wish to seek a remedy from the courts but are unsure how to go about it and are wary of the costs involved. Have you received notification of proceedings against you and are unsure how to respond. Simply submit your circumstances to us for a free fact sheet and quote

CSA and the Childrens act 1989

The CSA introduced a hugely complicated formula for calculating child maintenance but this was reformed by the CSPSSA. The non resident parent pays 15 % of his net assessable income for one child, 20 % for two and 25 % for three or more. We can help with your applications or responses.

The Childrens Act allows for the following provisions to be enforced by the courts in cases of dispute between adults in the upbringing of children. A residence order, a contact order, a prohibited steps order and a specific issues order.

Please contact us with you specific requirements for further information.

This advice service is intended for reference only and should not be used in lieu of full legal counsel.
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