COVID - 19 Supporting our Clients

Currently the UK is experiencing the worst viral pandemic in over 100 years. Normal life, by necessity has had to be placed on hold whilst, together, we battle this new threat to our prosperity and well being.

However, we at Lawyers4u are aware many of our clients have current ongoing legal proceedings and we wish to reassure and reconfirm our commitment to them.

Where legal proceedings are currently before the Courts we shall ensure that your interests are fully represented and that there will be no detrimental effect to your case because you are unable to attend scheduled hearings.

Further, new clients can continue to request our help in preparing new claims before the Court, be they as Claimant or Defendant.

Our professional legal teams are ready to help and we are in constant communication with the Courts so we are able to immediately advise our clients of any new developments.

At present the Courts are still allowing the filing of cases but, as to be expected, actual hearings are often conducted over the telephone.

However, in Civil Court Practice this is often the norm regardless. Civil Court hearings are primarily decided on the submitted statements of case and we at Lawyers4U pride ourselves on being amongst the forerunners in this drafting field.

So stay safe and be reassured that as an existing client we got you and if you have need of our services as a new client, we got you too.


Self Representation & Drafting Overview

Self Representation Advice and Professional Legal Drafting from £49

Thinking about representing yourself in court?

Everyone knows the cost of legal representation can be extremely expensive. Consequently more and more people are exercising their right to represent themselves in Court proceedings.

All court proceedings however, require the formal preparation and drafting of legal documentation to facilitate the legal process. It is an unqualified waste of time and expense for a person contemplating self representation to attend Court only to have their application or submission rejected or thrown out due to lack of preparation and formal documentation.

Lawyers4U offers a complete drafting and self representation advisory service. Read through some of the areas we cover to the right, and for a free service quotation submit your case details by clicking below.

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Skeleton Arguments

The skeleton argument should concisely summarise the party's submissions in relation to each of the issues raised. It should cite the main authorities to be relied upon, which may be attached.

Statement of Issues

A Statement of Issues detailing exactly what you are asking the Court to consider. This must be clear and concise and again legally and factually sound. This will be a wasted exercise if you attend Court and are unclear as to what you are asking the Court to do and why.

Position Statements

Your Position Statement will give the Court further insight into how your present circumstances affect you and your dependants quality of life.


All the above documentation needs to be indexed and tabulated for a Court appearance.

Money Claims

Are you owed money ? Do you have a claim against a person or organisation ? Let Lawyers4U help.

Pre Action Letters

Lawyers4U will draft, upon request, letters of demand to named individuals or organisations warning of imminent court action. Such action will often preclude the need for more expensive litigation. Prices from £8.

Case Outline

A Case Outline will briefly outline how you intend to argue the case.

Background History

This will inform the Court of the history of the parties attending the hearing for example following divorce, the duration of marriage, number of children, and even former standards of living may be entered here. However, it must be all factual, no discourse.


A Chronology is merely a factual recital of your history with the other party. This will include all previous dates of Court appearances. Chronologies should be non contentious and agreed with the other party if possible.

Trust Instruments

All our drafting is executed by qualified barristers. We can also help with the Court protocols, this is how a person representing themselves should address and conduct themselves before the Court.

Mortgage and Repossession

Help with mortgage and repossession proceedings. We will draft an application to the court requesting either a suspension or cancellation of proceedings subject to circumstances

Issue / Response in the County Court

Do you wish to seek a remedy from the courts but are unsure how to go about it and are wary of the costs involved. Have you received notification of proceedings against you and are unsure how to respond. Simply submit your circumstances to us for a free fact sheet and quote

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This advice service is intended for reference only and should not be used in lieu of full legal counsel.
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