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Consumer Law Advice Online

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Summary of Consumer Law

Need to know your rights as a consumer? Do you feel unfairly taken advantage of by a retailer? Your remedy starts here.

  • Liability for Defective Goods

    The major problem facing consumers is that the goods they purchased turn out to be defective.

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  • Liability for Defective Goods purchased on a credit agreement

    Items bought on hire purchase or a credit agreement are classed as a Bailment of Goods. The finance company owns the goods until the final installment on the agreement is paid. Until this time there is no transfer of property for the purchaser to rely on.

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  • Product Liability

    The term Product Liability describes a scenario whereby a person injured by defective goods may have the right to sue for damages.

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  • Exclusion Notices

    Exclusion Notices are a device used by businesses to limit or negate their liability to their customers or clientele in the event of a predictable loss.

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  • Consumer Credit

    One of the main aims of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 was to regulate the formation and terms of enforcement of credit and hire agreements. It confers certain rights upon consumers and places certain restraints upon the enforcement of a agreement against the consumer.

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  • Financial Difficulty Remedies

    This situation can arise where a debtor for whatever reason cannot afford his credit repayments and wishes to rid himself of the goods he agreed to purchase or feels he is the victim of malpractice.

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  • The Trade Descriptions Act

    The way in which goods are described is a great influencing factor on what persuades the consumer to buy. If the description is wrong, then there can be a breach of this act leading to possible civil and criminal sanctions.

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  • Misdescription of Goods and Services

    It is an offence for any person in the course of their trade or business to make or convey a statement which they know or believe to be false.

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  • Food

    Regulation of the safety, composition and quality of food has existed for many years. Whilst the consumers interest in the safety and quality of food is apparent, there is also a public interest justification for such regulation on the grounds of maintaining standards of public health.

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  • Misleading Prices

    All manufacturers, suppliers and retailers will want to promote their products and services in a way that will increase sales. If such practices are to be considered acceptable, it is essential that they do not mislead the consumer.

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  • Other

    If your question is not covered by the above sections or if your are unsure as to which area of Consumer Law your query falls under, please select this option.

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