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Financial Difficulty Remedies Advice Online

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Financial Difficulty Remedies Explained

This situation can arise where a debtor for whatever reason cannot afford his credit repayments and wishes to rid himself of the goods he agreed to purchase or feels he is the victim of malpractice.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I bought a car on H.P. for twelve thousand, five hundred pounds…I paid a deposit of one thousand, seven hundred pounds…there were to be 36 monthly payments…I am currently 15 months into the agreement but due to unforeseen circumstances I can no longer afford the payments…I am currently 2 months in arrears…what are my options…”


  • “…I have a loan…the interest rate is now equivalent to 80% APR…this is extortionate…do I have a remedy to at least  have the interest lowered…”


  • “…I bought a plasma tv frm a local dealer on H.P…because I did not keep up the payments they [the store owner] came to my house and took back the tv…they have threatened me with legal action over the unpaid bills …I have been told they cannot now sue because they reclaimed the tv without a court order…is this true…”



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