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Misleading Prices Explained

All manufacturers, suppliers and retailers will want to promote their products and services in a way that will increase sales. If such practices are to be considered acceptable, it is essential that they do not mislead the consumer.

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Sample Questions

  • “…we visited [nationwide outlet] to buy a present for our grandson… we found something he liked…it was at a reasonable price as promoted on the stacking shelf….we took the item to the checkout along with a number of other items and paid. It was only 2 weeks later when checking a bank statement that we realised the price we paid for the item was not that as advertised in the store…”


  • “…I booked a holiday with [nationwide outlet] they promised that if the price of the holiday was reduced before I travelled they would refund me the difference…it did…my friend booked the exact same holiday from the same place for less money…they now refuse to refund me any money quoting seasonal variations…what can I do…”


  • “…I bought a item marked reduced from one hundred pounds down to twenty pounds…I have since found out this was not the case…”



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