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Misdescription of Goods and Services Explained

It is an offence for any person in the course of their trade or business to make or convey a statement which they know or believe to be false.

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Sample Questions

  • “…we booked a holiday with our local travel agent after finding our dream destination and hotel…  Sri Lanka…in one of their brochures…the hotel was described as being fully air conditioned…when we arrived the hotel was without AC…the heat was stifling ruining our holiday…when we complained to the travel agent they Said the mistake about the AC was only printed in the first edition of the      brochure…subsequent ones rectified the error…we wish to seek compensation…”


  • “…I bought a computer from [nationwide outlet]…I expected it to be brand new…now it turns out to be   a “ display item”  not new…I want my money back…”



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