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Contributory Negligence Explained

If it can be shown that the actions of a claimant for damages contributed negligently to his own loss the courts will reduce or dismiss his claim for compensation accordingly.

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Sample Questions

  • “…we are [a special events business] which stages shows nationwide…we supply as part of our contractual obligations portaloos… these have inside locking mechanisms and a security buzzer to attract attention in case of difficulties…In one of the loos the lock jammed trapping a young woman inside…she attempted to climb out through the top of the loo squeezing through a ventilation opening…she fell from the top of the loo breaking her wrist and collar bone…we have received legal papers announcing of her intention to sue for damages…”

  • "…I was a passenger in a car accident…the driver was found to be drunk at the time…I missed several weeks off work as a result…when I contacted [my insurer] and made a claim for loss of earnings they told me claim was void because I had voluntarily gotten into a car with a drunk driver…”


  • “… as a passenger in a car accident…I have been told I may lose up to 25 % of my claim for damages because I was not wearing a seat belt…is this true…”



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