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Deception and Non Payment Advice Online

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Deception and Non Payment Explained

There are three offences of obtaining by deception under the 1968 Act, and two under the Theft Act 1978. There is a third offence under the 1978 Act not requiring deception, which is making off without payment.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I would like to make it clear that I am not a habitual gambler…  while out with friends we went to a casino for drinks and some harmless fun… during the course of the evening I ran out of funds and so approached the casino manager and asked would he cash a personal cheque… he agreed as long as I presented a cheque gurantee card to cover the amount… my card has a hundred pounds limit so I made out five individual cheques for one hundred pounds each…signed and let the manager inspect the signature and number of the card and cheque… a week later the police called to my home and after escorting me to a polce station informed me I would be charged with obtaining money by deception as the cheques had bounced… “

  • “…I run a small business from home and recently used the services of a person I assumed was a fully qualified accountant to handle my finances… I paid her fees…later I was shocked to find my finances in a complete mess…no accounts had been settled…I did recover the monies I paid into her account for my business dealings … but feel very angry about the fees I paid for her “services” It turns out this woman had no formal qualifications… can I sue…”

  • “…while out with my daughter at a local restaurant… our meal had finished and my daughter excused herself…she was gone a long time so I walked to the front door of the restaurant to see where she was…
    The manager accuse me of trying leave without paying… police were called… it turned out my daughter was talking to some friends on her mobile outside the restaurant…  I had not actually left the premises…”


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