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Discharge of Contract Explained

A contract may be discharged under the doctrine of frustration, for example during the course of the contract and without the fault of either party, an event occurs which renders further performance an impossibility, by breach, for example where one party fails to fulfill, or intimates that they do not intend to fulfill their obligations, by agreement, here however, consideration is generally required and finally by the contract being performed.

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Sample Questions

  • “… my nephew was thrilled to be offered a job with a computing firm… he proudly showed all his family and friends his job offer which stated he would be starting in a couple of months time… he was therefore devastated to receive a letter from the firm stating the job offer had been withdrawn… is he entitled to any compensation…”


  • “… my friends, who are all motor sport fanatics, booked a hotel in Monaco through a travel agent…this hotel was chosen for the single reason that it advertised direct and unobstructed views of a grand prix race…now we have discovered that the race route has been altered… the result is the race can no longer be seen from the hotel vantage point…we have already paid a large deposit but now the travel agents are demanding the balance be paid in full or they will take legal action… what is our position…”



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