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Discrimination Explained

In employment, it is, prima facie, unlawful to discriminate against an employee or potential employee on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion or belief, and from December 2006, age. Employers found to be in breach of these statutes may face severe criminal and civil penalties.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I applied for a job with a number of other candidates and was short listed for the position… the selection eventually came down to myself and another candidate… we both had similar qualifications and experience… the position was awarded to the other applicant… I accepted this at the time but now I have discovered that the position was awarded to the other applicant not because she was the more qualified for the position, but because she came from an ethnic background… I feel that I have been discriminated against… what can I do…”  


  • “…we work for [ large insurance firm]… new positions involving promotion and higher pay scales are advertised on our internal internet… out of the last 22 opportunities 19 have stated the applicant must be willing to be subject to a mobility clause in their contract of employment… as one of many single mothers we feel these clauses are impeding our career prospects… is this legal…”



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