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Domestic Violence Advice Online

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Domestic Violence Explained

It should be remembered that violence, wherever and with whom committed is a criminal offence. [See Criminal Law section] However, the criminal law is primarily concerned with punishment and does not always adequately protect the victim. This section therefore deals with civil remedies, the most effective of which is the injunction. An injunction can be granted not only to restrain violence but also to restrain molestation within the family unit.

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Sample Questions

  • “…my former boyfriend has been posting on the internet… intimate photographs… taken when we were together … he has threatened to send them directly to my place of work and to my family unless we get back together…I found several photocopies of pictures plastered over my car after finishing work…luckily no one saw them but this is destroying my confidence…I dread what he will do next…”


  • “…a girl with whom I had a one night stand months ago constantly shadows my every move…she introduces herself to my friends when I am not there as my girlfriend…talks to my work colleagues…has even been round to my grandparents house…she has now taken to threatening girls she sees me talking to…my friends think it is funny… I do not…what can I do…”


  • "…my husband recently lost his job…ever since he has come home all hours drunk and in a very frightening mood.. he has not hit me or our son yet but I feel it only a matter of time… we live in a constant state of fear…"



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