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Employees Explained

Employment Law governs the relationship between the employer and the employee. Employers and employees have various rights, duties and liabilities to and for each other in law. It is therefore essential to be able to identify an employee and differentiate between employees and self employed workers sometimes called independent contractors, who are generally not covered by the same laws and rules

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Sample Questions

  • “… I am a manager with [large insurance company]…2 years ago following in house professional advice and after 18 years service I changed my employment status within our company to that of self employed for tax reasons…this was done with the complete approval…  I have now been dismissed… for reasons to my mind unfairly and wish to take the company to a tribunal…I have been advised that this is not an option because of my self employed status… I find thin to be grossly unfair… do I have any options…”


  • “… we have worked for the same employer for 11 years… the work is seasonal…do we have any rights…”


  • “…I work for large family owned business manufacturing office equipment… I have worked there since leaving school 7 years ago… I am happy there but would like to know where I stand… I have never signed or been offered a contract of employment… does this mean I have no rights…”



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