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Equal Pay Explained

The law regarding equal pay is in principal very basic and straightforward. It simply states that men and women should receive equal pay regardless of gender. Unfortunately, aspects of the legislation and much of the case law have succeeded in complicating and at times confusing this otherwise simple doctrine. However, it is possible and relatively simple for a person to bring a claim under the Equal Pay Act if they feel that are unjustly penalised due to their sex.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I am a cook working for a national shipbuilding company and one of only a handful of female employees…the vast majority of my co workers are male, painters, joiners and fitters all of whom are on a higher pay scale than me…I believe my work is of equal value to that of the men and wish to be paid accordingly…where do I start…”   


  • “…I have been advised that if I wish to bring a action for equal pay, I need to identify a comparator…what is this…”



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