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Health and Safety Advice Online

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Health and Safety Explained

The aim of Health and Safety Law is to prevent accidents occurring in the workplace. The enforcement of H & S legislation differs from most areas of Employment Law in that breach of health and safety statute usually results in criminal liability. However, this does not stop the injured party from pursuing a claim for damages in the event of an accident.

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Sample Questions

  • “…my mother works for [national brand] in their Lewisham factory… after a roof leak the factory floor became slippery with a mixture of oil and water…sawdust was placed over most of the floor and the employees notified to be wary…my mother slipped regardless and hurt her knee…she has been told the company are not liable as they informed the workforce of the problem and instructed them to be extra careful on that day…”


  • “… until recently I worked for the Post Office as a Postman delivering letters… the PO provided me with a bicycle for this purpose… on e day while I was out delivering the front brake on the bike broke causing the front wheel to jam and myself to be thrown off… I sustained lower back injuries…I tried to claim directly to the PO for compensation but they told me that because a prior examination of the brakes on the bike would not have revealed the fault, there was no way they could have foreseen the problem and therefore they are not liable… is this true…”



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