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Inchoate Offences Explained

Incitement, conspiracy and attempt cover the preparatory stages of certain criminal offences. They are substantive offences in themselves and, unlike liability for secondary participation in a crime, it is often unnecessary that the main offence be committed. In fact, it is often unlikely, and in some cases impossible, that it will be.

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Sample Questions

  • “…[I] would like a clear explanation of the term incitement… my son has recently fallen in with the wrong element and has been charged with a criminal offence…{he] has no prior history of bad behaviour before…”


  • “…following a incident at my local greyhound track… where I called to the dogs in the middle of a race… I have been charged with attempted theft… can you explain… “


  • “…[my] son has been bailed whilst charges of conspiracy to defraud are investigated… he agreed to supply his friends with so called black boxes…a device used to disrupt the recording of electricity usage on meters… he has been advised he faces these charges regardless of the fact he had no intention of using the black box devices himself…can you clarify …”



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