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Leases Explained

The relationship between Landlord and Tenant involves obligations on each side continuing for the duration of the lease, this being the name of a legally recognised document governing their relationship. Given the millions of leases and their social and economic significance, it is not surprising that a substantial body of legal rules regulate the landlord and tenant relationship. In part these rules spell out the terms implied into a lease and how they are to be interpreted. However, they also place limits on what terms the parties may insert into leases and govern their enforcement

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Sample Questions

  • ‘… my friends and I are starting university together and found a property we all agreed to rent as it was perfect for us… the landlord agreed a rent and we all settled in…a week later the landlord came round with a copy of the lease for us to sign… on it states he has the right to enter the property at any time….he refuses to take this clause out…we are 4 girls…can he do this…”



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