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Currently the UK is experiencing the worst viral pandemic in over 100 years. Normal life, by necessity has had to be placed on hold whilst, together, we battle this new threat to our prosperity and well being.

However, we at Lawyers4u are aware many of our clients have current ongoing legal proceedings and we wish to reassure and reconfirm our commitment to them.

Where legal proceedings are currently before the Courts we shall ensure that your interests are fully represented and that there will be no detrimental effect to your case because you are unable to attend scheduled hearings.

Further, new clients can continue to request our help in preparing new claims before the Court, be they as Claimant or Defendant.

Our professional legal teams are ready to help and we are in constant communication with the Courts so we are able to immediately advise our clients of any new developments.

At present the Courts are still allowing the filing of cases but, as to be expected, actual hearings are often conducted over the telephone.

However, in Civil Court Practice this is often the norm regardless. Civil Court hearings are primarily decided on the submitted statements of case and we at Lawyers4U pride ourselves on being amongst the forerunners in this drafting field.

So stay safe and be reassured that as an existing client we got you and if you have need of our services as a new client, we got you too.


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Licences Explained

Licence involves permission from the owner of land, given to another person to use that land for some purpose. The permission or licence can be to do anything from attending a pop concert to parking a number of cars. The range of activities that can be covered by licence is virtually limitless as it is impossible to foresee all the circumstances in which one person may wish to use the land of another.

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Sample Questions

  • “…My brother and I recently inherited a large tract of rural land…we have been contacted by [ Event Organisers ] who inform us that in the past they have negotiated with the original owners of the land for a licence to stage public events… they say that they are willing to negotiate a similar deal with us for the same rights and will pay well for the privilege…can you explain the terms and conditions of a basic licence and what it involves for both parties…”


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