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Marriage and Divorce Advice Online

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Marriage and Divorce Explained

Under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 there is only one ground for divorce: the marriage or civil partnership must have broken down irretrievably. However , the court cannot grant a divorce unless the petitioner also establishes certain facts. This section deals with these issues.

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Sample Questions

  • “… after 7 years of marriage I have finally come to the end of my tether…my husband lives in a world of fantasy which has brought us to financial ruin… I am constantly plagued by creditors , bailiffs, demands for unpaid bills…he even took out a second mortgage without telling me and now the house is in jeopardy…as a result my health is starting to suffer…is his unreasonable behavior grounds for a divorce…to my knowledge he has never been unfaithful…”


  • “…after a whirlwind holiday romance I got married…4 months later we split up… he moved away…I want to put the whole thing behind me and have a fresh start… I wish to start proceedings for divorce…what do I need to know…”


  • “…8 months ago my wife had an affair… I forgave her…we tried to put it behind us but I have found it impossible…I have told her I am suing for divorce on the grounds of her adultery…she has taken legal advice and told me because we lived together for over 6 months following her affair…I have no grounds for a decree… is this true…”


  • “…my partner and I entered into a civil partnership in 2004...he now wants to end it…what are my rights…”



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