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Mortgages Explained

At its root, a mortgage is security for a loan. A mortgage of real property, ie a house or a apartment, comprises a transfer or conveyance of a legal or equitable estate in the borrowers land to the mortgagee, with a provision that the mortgagees interest shall lapse upon the repayment of the loan plus interest and costs agreed. In simple terms this means that the lender or the mortgagee has an interest in the property until the borrower or mortgagor has repaid the sums advanced to purchase the property in question. Moreover, as a matter of contract, the parties are free to stipulate whatever terms they wish for the repayment of the loan.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I have defaulted on several mortgage payments on my home due to unemployment… I have received a court date for possession proceedings…I am very worried… I have started a new job but fear it may be too late to save my home as I will have only been in my new job 2 weeks before the court date…can you advise on what will happen and what I can do…”



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