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Negligence Explained

An action for negligence demands two points be established, firstly the claimant must demonstrate the defendant owed him a Duty of Care, secondly the defendant failed in that duty resulting in loss or damage to the claimant.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I won a weekend at [a health spa] with a number of free treatments…one of which, a full body wrap in seaweed…resulted in a ugly rash which covered my body for 3 weeks and which was very painful…the spa deny liability…”

  • “…we recently bought a new build apartment…the builders when installing kitchen utilities left a small plumbing valve open…this went unnoticed for 3 months but resulted in massive water damage to floors and walls…the property has never been occupied…The builders say we must make a claim on our own insurance…that they are not liable…”


  • “…my teenage son and I live in a council flat…we have complained to the local authority for years that the glass in the flat windows is dangerously thin…inevitably an accident has occurred and my son was taken to hospital with serious cuts to his arm…are they liable…”


  • “…my wife was a witness to a particularly horrific industrial accident…she has been on sick leave since…she says she cannot return to work…is there compensation available…” 



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