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Nuisance Explained

For the purpose of this section a nuisance may be either private or public. The claimant may bring an action in private nuisance where the defendant unlawfully interferes with his use or enjoyment of his land or some right attached to it. A public nuisance may be defined as an unlawful act or omission which affects the comfort and convenience of those affected by it.

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Sample Questions

  • “…my neighbours and I live in a private residential estate…we have our own residents association which manages the affairs of the estate… one of the residents has recently taken to operating a mobile fish and chip shop in the cul de sac where our community is situated…apart from ther smell and litter it is increasingly difficult to gain access to or leave our properties because of the increased traffic both pedestrian and vehicular…”

  • “…we are four university students who share a flat on a assured tenancy… the caretaker of the block is constantly finding excuses to let himself into our flat… he says he is effecting repairs and checking on the property at the owners request…he lets himself in whenever he feels like it…we cannot afford to move and this is starting to affect our studies. What can we do…”


  • “… every summer my neighbour hosts a series of parties in the grounds of his property…approx 50 yards from mine…these parties can go on till early hours with loud music playing constantly. I have tried to reason with him but he says it is his property to do with as he sees fit…it is getting so bad that we now dread the summer…”



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