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Children: Parental and Adult Responsibilities Advice Online

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Children: Parental and Adult Responsibilities Explained

At birth, the law defines a the relationship between a child and its parents and no other adult. Normally, the Law plays no further part in the child's upbringing but in some cases events subsequent to their birth result in the need for additional principles. This section covers the relationship between children and adults, not necessarily their parents, and also the principles the courts use when required to intervene and in some cases redraw the relationship created at birth.

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Sample Questions

  • “…my step daughter…who I have raised with her mother as my own since she was two, and I are very close…her mother and I are now separating…[my] daughter is now 12 years old… she has made it very clear she wants to come and live with me as she and her mother constantly fight… I realise I am not the natural father here…  but do I have any rights in this matter…”



  • “…I recently discovered contraceptives in my daughters school bag… she is 15 years old…when I questioned her about it she told me her school had given them to her as part of a sexual safety and  awareness…I am furious that they should do this without my consent…what is my legal position in regard to taking the school to court…”


  • “…I am 17 this summer and my parents have insisted I work in the family business during summer break…do I have to…”



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