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Parties to Crime Explained

It is not only the perpetrator who will be liable for a criminal offence. Other participants in the offence may also be liable. The Law states whosoever shall aid, abet, counsel or procure the commission of any offence, shall be liable to be tried and punished as a principal offender.

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Sample Questions

  • “ My daughter…  recently got mixed up with the wrong crowd… these girls got into a argument with another group of girls which led to a fight and one girl being taken to hospital with facial cuts…at the time of the argument and fight my daughter stayed well clear of the girls involved but had her name taken by police in connection with the incident.  even though  [daughter ] stayed well clear of the argument and fight we have been told she faces possible charges of being an accomplice…”





  • “…we are a group of friends who regularly socialise together… often engaging in practical jokes. One of our group would always limit himself to non alcoholic beer of a Friday night…leaving early to drive home.

    … on this occasion we exchanged his non alcoholic beer for regular … intending to tell him before he was due to leave…  unfortunately he left without saying goodbye… leaving no chance to tell him  he had been drinking. He later failed a road side breath test and was charged… following our admission to the police…  as to what had happened we have been charged with procuring the drink driving offence.  What does this mean and how serious is it…”





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