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Redundancy Explained

A worker of long standing is now recognised as having an accrued right to his job, this right gains in value with the years of service, so much so that if the job is shut down he may be entitled to compensation for loss of the job, a redundancy payment.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I have worked for the same employer for over 30 years…I began as a trainee mechanic and worked myself up to workshop manager…However, I still spent a lot of my time “hands on”… 6 months ago new owners took over and they required all their management staff to concentrate on sales and paperwork…I will be the first to admit I struggled with this new workload as I had very little experience in this field… Unfortunately the new owners have decided that I do not fit in with their vision for the company and I have been let go… I feel that I have been made redundant after 30 years service and would like to know my position regarding compensation…”  



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