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Remedies Explained

Where a party to contract suffers loss as a result of a breach they will be entitled to an award of damages. Alternatively, they may bring a claim for the benefit of work partially completed under the contract. Further, in appropriate cases, the courts may exercise equitable jurisdiction, that being the courts power to impose a fair and just solution, to grant an order of specific performance or injunction.

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Sample Questions

  • “…I have been told I may be contributory negligent …what does this mean in practical terms…”

  • “…I am a vocalist with quite a popular following…my mixer deck which is essential to my performance as it contains all my musical arrangements suffered a fault… I took it to a specialist repairer who informed me the problem was minor and I could collect my machine the following day…it was in fact almost 3 weeks before my machine was returned causing me to cancel performances with loss of earnings and credibility… am I entitled to compensation ?… what next steps should I take …”  


  • “…I am in dispute with a builder over unfinished work…I intend to take the matter to court…I have been told to seek an order of specific performance…what is this…”



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