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Matrimonial Home Rights: Spouses Advice Online

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Matrimonial Home Rights: Spouses Explained

This section deals with property rights of married partners or partners who have registered their relationship under the Civil Partnership Act 2004 and who are divorced or are entering into matrimonial proceedings. Spouses and partners who do not seek a decree are dealt with in the following section.

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Sample Questions

  • “…my father left myself, my estranged wife and our boys a substantial sum… we have been separated for over a year before he died… but she is now demanding her share…”

  • “…my husband and I are planning to divorce…all our assets are in his name… including the house…I have discovered that he has put it on the market and is planning to sell… can I stop this …we have two young children and I am worried that if the sale goes through before the divorce is final my children and I will be left homeless and penniless…”


  • “…after 10 years of marriage my husband and I are divorcing…we have three children…two of whom attend university…I had a promising career before our children were born but gave it up to raise our children and support my husband in his business …which is very successful… I wish to know my rights with regard to my husbands assets…what am I entitled to…”


  • “…my partner and I are separating…we both jointly own the matrimonial home…we have a six year old son…my wife has said she will give me custody but she wants to sell the house to pay for a fresh start…I do not want to sell…



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