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Tenancies Explained

A tenancy is perhaps best described as a temporary ownership right. Ownership in the sense that while it lasts, the tenant has exclusive use of the property, temporary ‚ in the sense that at some time in the future the right will cease and the right to possess and enjoy the land or property will revert to the landlord. Tenancy is a form of conditional ownership in that it involves obligations that impose duties on both the landlord and his tenant.

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Sample Questions

  • “…we are four university students who share a flat on a assured tenancy… the caretaker of the block is constantly finding excuses to let himself into our flat… he says he is effecting repairs and checking on the property at the owners request…he lets himself in whenever he feels like it…we cannot afford to move and this is starting to affect our studies… what can we do…”


  • “… my friend and I have been living in rented accomodation for the past 10 months… the owner promised us a tenancy agreement but never produced one… he now says we have one month to leave as he has plans for the property…”


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