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Theft Explained

Theft and the main offences related to it are governed bt the Theft Acts 1968 & 1978. This area of Law deals with the following issues: theft, handling, robbery, burglary, blackmail, criminal damage and computer crime.

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Sample Questions

  • “…[my] friend has been charged with theft from  [a supermarket] …stupidly when he was there he took the label off one item and replaced it with a label from another cheaper one… he did not attempt to take the item to the tills… he was approached by security inside the shop and held while police were called… at the police station he was charged with theft and given a court date…He never actually stole anything… how can he be charged with theft… “


  • “…I have a son… 35 years old who has learning difficulties and can be very gullible and naïve… recently he has taken up with a woman who I believed was only interested in my son for what she could get… [my son] had a post office account with over  eight thousand pounds in it…I have now discovered this account is empty… this woman has now moved on leaving {my son] heartbroken…When I approached this woman demanding that she repay the money she laughed and said because it was a gift there was nothing I could do about it…”


  • “…recently my bank over credited my account by a large sum of money…I do not check my account as closely as I should… if it is in credit I spend…this action was not discovered for several weeks by which time the money had been spent… the bank is now demanding immediate repayment or will press charges… this was not my fault… their mistake…”



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