How to protect a domain

We often get asked how to protect a domain name so that a third party cannot launch a similar domain name on the internet.

There is not a single registration system that allows you to make claim over a domain (and all of the various suffixes) however you can protect a domain name in the following ways;

(1) Trade Mark Application.
By filing a trade mark application for the distinctive element of the domain name (for example the distinctive element of is the term lawdit) this will enable you to prevent third parties (in most circumstances) from using similar domains in relation to similar goods or services in the territory that your trade mark relates to.

However if a third party uses the domain in relation to dissimilar goods and services or in a different territory it will be much harder to acquire control of the domain.

(2) Purchasing Domains
The other option (which should really compliment 1 above and not replace it) is to purchase all the variations of domain names and suffixes to avoid others from doing so. This can of course be expensive but it is good practice to own all of the more popular domain names to avoid a conflict in the future.



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